6 women-led Gangtey Phobji Eco Camp

The Gangtey-Phobji Eco Camp- the triple nexus of sustainable tourism, nature conservation, and women empowerment. With the funding support from Bhutan for Life program, the Department of Forest and Park Services established a six women-led eco-camp in 2022 which is a perfect embodiment of sustainable tourism, nature conservation and women empowerment. This unique retreat, led by six dedicated women, has become a monument to the dedication of community, perseverance, and a shared love for nature. Left-Right: Tandin Wangmo,

Hybrid PV Solar System at PWS

The 10 kW Hybrid Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System at Phibsoo Outpost Forest Camp under the Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary (PWS) benefits more than 30 forestry officials. Phibsoo Outpost Forest Camp established in the 1970s consists of a Forest Range Office with Staff quarters for Range Officer, Beat Officer and Field staff. A total of 17 units of quarters accommodates more than 30 forest officials on a monthly basis. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary Outpost Camp The forestry officials of PWS spent their official duty at Outpost

80 kW Solar PV System at Aja Nye

The first-ever 80 kW Decentralized Distributed Generation of Solar PV system installed in sacred community of Aja Nye, Mongar The construction of the first-ever Decentralized Solar PV system of 80 KiloWatt (kW) in the rural community of Aja will now benefit 34 households who have lived without electricity till date including thousands of pilgrims who visit annually.The solar project benefits 34 permanent households and 1000s of pilgrims annually. A 50 kW system is constructed in Dawathang