Community-based Climate Change Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of the Protected Areas of Bhutan 2022

DownloadCommunity-based Climate Change Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of the Protected Areas of Bhutan 2022Climate change is recognized as a global issue and is increasingly being acknowledged by the global community. Climate change impacts natural and human systems and these impacts are bound to no area and regions. Himalayan regions are found to have experienced an accelerated rate of climate change and future projections show even higher rates of increase in

Golden Mahseer Conservation Action Plan for Bhutan_2022-2032

DownloadGolden Mahseer Conservation Action Plan for Bhutan_2022-2032Golden Mahseer Tor putitora, commonly known as the ‘Tigers of the Rivers’, is an endangered freshwater fish species. In Bhutan it is found in all the major rivers and is expected to be present at elevations as high as 1000 meters during the summer spawning season. Being a migratory fish, the Golden Mahseer migrates back to its wintering habitats at the lower elevations, near

Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Plan 2023-2033

DownloadAsiatic Black Bear Conservation Plan 2023-2033Global status and distribution The Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibestanus) is distributed throughout Asia and found in 18 different countries. Globally there has been an approximate 31% decrease in the Asiatic Black Bear population and it is expected that this decline will continue over next 3 decades. National status and Distribution In Bhutan, the Asiatic Black Bear has been documented as having a wide distribution in certain

Conservation Action Plan for Hornbills of Bhutan2023-2033

DownloadConservation Action Plan for Hornbills of Bhutan2023-2033Bhutan is situated in the region of eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot and she encompasses different ecological zones that provisions suitable habitats for various species of flora and fauna to thrive. A total of 762 bird species have been recorded in the country till date, many of which are globally threatened. Out of diverse avian species, Hornbills are charismatic bird species and are known for their

Management Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Bhutan 2022-2023

DownloadManagement Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Bhutan 2022-2023The Bhutan Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool Plus (Bhutan METT +) was developed in 2014 and implemented between 2014 and 2016 to assess the management effectiveness of the protected area network of Bhutan. After five years, Department of Forest and Park Services started the second assessment in 2021 to track the progress and identify gaps in management effectiveness and has been recently