The Bhutan for Life issues a range of publications for our direct and indirect stakeholders on a diversity of issues – for the general public to industry experts. Stay in tune with our mission and activities in the country.

Featured Publications

National Snow Leopard Survey Report 2023

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) has a wide habitat range spanning over 2.8 million km2 across 12 range

Independent Evaluation of Environmental and Social Safeguards 2023

The purpose of the independent evaluation is to provide the Board, BFL Fund Secretariat Project Coordination Unit and

Independent Annual Review of Gender Mainstreaming Report 2023

The Bhutan for life project being a 14 year financial bridge provides the country the opportunity to contribute

Community-based Climate Change Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment of the Protected Areas of Bhutan 2022

Climate change is recognized as a global issue and is increasingly being acknowledged by the global community. Climate

Golden Mahseer Conservation Action Plan for Bhutan_2022-2032

Golden Mahseer Tor putitora, commonly known as the ‘Tigers of the Rivers’, is an endangered freshwater fish species.

Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Plan 2023-2033

Asiatic Black Bear Conservation Plan 2023-2033

Global status and distributionThe Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibestanus) is distributed throughout Asia and found in 18 different

Conservation Action Plan for Hornbills of Bhutan2023-2033

Conservation Action Plan for Hornbills of Bhutan2023-2033

Bhutan is situated in the region of eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot and she encompasses different ecological zones that

Management Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Bhutan 2022-2023

The Bhutan Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool Plus (Bhutan METT +) was developed in 2014 and implemented between 2014

The National Tiger Survey Report 2022

Tiger populations have shown a modest increase as compared to 2014–2015 NTS, with a current estimated population of

National Forest Inventory Volume I

The findings of the NFI is published in two reports; (i) National Forest Inventory Volume I: State of