Snow Leopard Survey Report Launch

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia), often referred to as the “ghost of the mountains,” is a magnificent and elusive big cat that inhabits the rugged and remote landscapes of Central Asia’s high-altitude regions. With its stunning gray-white fur covered in black spots and its remarkable ability to thrive in harsh environments, the Snow Leopard is not only a symbol of natural beauty but also a crucial component of the delicate mountain ecosystems it calls home.

Snow leopards play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of their habitat as it is the top predator regulator. It helps regulate the populations of their prey species, its presence also signifies the overall health and biodiversity of a region.

The Bhutan for Life Program under the Milestone 7: By Year 6, populations of tigers and snow leopards, two flagship species that represent major ecosystems, are increased or stable (tigers increased by at least 20% over 2015 levels, and snow leopards stable at 2016 levels) carried out Snow Leopard Survey in the country led by Nature Conservation Division under the Department of Forest and Park Services. The technical report for the National Snow Leopard Survey is currently under development and it is expected to be launched on October 23, 2023 coinciding with the International Day of Snow Leopard. As the prey data is the byproduct of Snow Leopard Survey, prey reports will be analyzed and compiled soon after the launch of the report and is expected to be out by December, 2023.

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