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Reviving Waterholes to Improve Wildlife Habitat in BC 1

Water is essential for the existence of all living forms of earth. Likewise, for the wild animals, natural waterholes have been a source of life but with increasing anthropogenic pressures and overutilization, these existing waterholes have dried up.

It has resulted in wildlife migration and encroachment into human settlement. So, to address that, waterholes have been revived to improve the habitats of wild animals. As wild animals encroached into the human settlement in search of water, there are increasing cases of Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC). In order to address HWC issues in the community, Paro Forest Territorial Division initiated improving of waterholes at Tsento and Nuberi gewog of BC 1 for the wild animals using this corridor with funding

support from the BFL project as seen in Image 1. The improvement works have reduced the dependency on few water bodies which are used by the livestock and


During the consultation, the communities expressed that the revived waterholes will be useful for domestic animals as well. As can be seen in Image 2, various wild animals including leopards and ungulates have been captured. With the increase in animal movement, there is also risk of poaching. Therefore, SMART patrolling will have to conducted and monitored to ensure that this place remains a safe haven for the wild animals using these waterholes.