Rigsum Ecotourism - bfl

Dungzam-Rigsum-Zhapang Circuit ready to welcome visitors with new Ecotourism Amenities

Being one of the historical and religious sites in eastern Bhutan, thousands of pilgrims and nature lovers who visit to Rigsumgonpa at Bumdeling geog, Trashiyangtse. A round trip to this sacred place is a leisure one-day trek from the nearest road point. The visitors comprise of all age groups from all walks of life. These visitors include both domestic and international tourists. However, the condition of trails along the Dungzam Rigsumgonpa-Zhapang circuit had been largely deteriorated due to lack of timely maintenance and amenities in place. There were no proper resting points or adequate amenities. In summer, the trails became muddy and slippery in these marshy areas.

Through the fund support from the Bhutan for Life (BFL) Project, five gazebos were constructed with attached amenities such as toilets, drinking water points, waste bins and gender friendly toilets. Foot-trail bridges were built at three sites where the shaded areas remained wet and slippery. Trekking guide signages with maps (bi-lingual) were developed and placed at different points reflecting usual travelling time and distance to the next destinations. The pictures have been shared below.

Having such amenities in place would go a long way in promoting future ecotourism opportunities in Trashiyangtse and eastern Bhutan at large. The local people expressed their gratitude for the changes brought to the trail. “Thank you, Bhutan for Life project and the Park. We have a good resting place with a roof over the head and drinking water. We can enjoy our packed lunch in any type of weather” said one of the monks who frequently used the trail. There are already many pilgrims and travellers using this route, but major benefits will be noticeable after the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions which is expected to bring in more tourists. The amenities will be handed over to the community for management in future.