Kanamakura - bfl

Better home for wildlife at Kanamakura -Royal Manas National Park.

Kanamakura, situated in the southwest of Royal Manas National Park is endowed with unique landscape, dense natural sub-tropical forest & diverse wildlife. A place which was once a sugarcane field for AWP (before 1990s) is now a forest with Guard-post manned all year round by forestry personnel. For the habitat of the diverse wild animals in the area, Park management initially created grassland in 2010, with maintenances done in 2017 with supports from WWF Bhutan and IUCN respectively. Grasslands are essential habitat for wildlife especially herbivores.

It is also important for conservation of key species like Tiger which preys primarily on ungulates (herbivores). The grassland was fully utilised by wild animals & its condition has deteriorated over the years. The fast growth of invasive species driven by hot & heavy monsoon climatic weathers of south has dominated the grassland area. This year (2021) park management carried out management of existing grassland at Kanamakura with funding support from Bhutan for Life (BFL) Project.

The season driven step-wise management activities such as clearing of invasive species, prescribed burning, removal of debris, tilling and sowing (broadcasting) of grass seeds were carried out. In this season, the green abundant growth of grasses in the area has attracted the wild animals, and animals sighting has heightened. The globally threatened giant Asian Elephant, red listed as Endangered by IUCN were the regular visitors beside other herbivores.

This interventions will also reduce human wildlife conflict through retaining the wild animals in their own natural habitat instead of visiting the human settlement areas in search of foods.


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