Every Fairytale needs a hero.

How to support the Transition Fund and become part of the greatest conservation stories ever told.

The fundraising efforts for Bhutan for Life are led by the Government of Bhutan and World Wildlife Fund. Both will be contributing funds towards the BFL goals, but for the project to be successful funding is needed from both the public and private sector. The current fundraising goal range is $35 million to $45 million.

Your support for the Bhutan for Life project is more than just a financial investment. It’s a legacy for a lifetime—and beyond.

It’s an investment that can protect thousands of species; save more than 5 million acres of pristine forests and rivers; help thousands of people earn a living for themselves and their families; help provide fresh drinking water to one-fifth of the world; help keep all of Earth’s population better buffered from climate change; and ensure one of the most remarkable living conservation fairy tales continues to be a reality. Not just today, but forever.

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