Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR)

Serves as a water head for rivers and streams which are critical for the livelihoods of residents within the Reserve

  • Location: Spreads across two western districts of the country
  • The only strict nature reserve along the 10 protected area
Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR) Map - Bhutan For Life

Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR)

Faunal and Floral Diversity

Home to the Snow leopard, Clouded leopard, and the Red Panda
Home to some of the rarest orchids

Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR)

Inhabitants & Livelihood

There are no permanent settlements within the reserve. However, there are people living within the buffer of the reserve who belong to two distinct communities: yak-herding and non-yak herding
Unlike the other yak herders of Bhutan. They possess some agricultural land and cultivate different cereal crops

Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR)

Camping & Trekking

Potential Trekking and Hiking

  • There are many potential trekking and hiking trails within JKSNR. The most widely trekked routes are the Meripunsum trail, the Tegola to Nubshonapata trail and the trail to Lolithang

Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR)

Risk & Threats

Yak husbandry

  • Over the years, most of the local yak herders have sold their yaks and quit the pastoralist lifestyle. This has led to under-grazing and the immediate absence of large grazers like yaks can change ecosystems in an unprecedented way


  • Poaching of species continues inside the reserve as evident from the many traps and snares encountered during anti-poaching patrols.

JKSNR's Future with BFL

Increased snow leopard population
Eco-lodges and eco-treks designed and developed in JKSNR
Degraded lands within JKSNR mapped and restored with climate-smart mechanisms
SMART patrolling implemented in JKSNR
Park staff trained for effective anti-poaching operations
Forest quality and extent is maintained
New nature-based local enterprises implemented
Watersheds fully protected and effectively managed
JKSNR equipped with adequate and competent staff and essential equipment and infrastructure